Private Tours Santiago-Cajón del Maipo

We offer private (2-6 person) and personalized (choose what you want) tours between Santiago and Cajón del Maipo. We combine science and adventure to provide a unique experience to learn and enjoy The Andes, by learning about faults, volcanoes, deformation, hotsprings and landslides.

It includes:

  • Transport from your hotel
  • Snacks-Lunch-Cofee
  • Maps
  • Guide by experts

Let us know how many days are you planning to travel with us.
You can choose whatever option you like the most. Each option has different levels depending on your own skills and knowledge on outdoors. On the base of that, we will propose the places and schedules where your personalized tour can be developed. Please take one option, we can change that later.
Sure, Estimated or Just Planning?
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