Geological heritage of the Cajón del Maipo Geopark project (Metropolitan Region – Chile)

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On August 29, 2019, in the Reserva Elemental Likandes (Road to Lagunillas), the book “Geodiversity, Geological Heritage and Geosites of the Cajón del Maipo” was launched. This book is an update of geosites that contained the original work of the Geosites inventory of the memory of José Venado, entitled ‘Geological heritage of the Cajón del Maipo geopark project (Metropolitan Region – Chile)’, of the University of Minho, Portugal (2013 ). This book was made in the context of the Cajón del Maipo GeoPark Project ’, which seeks to catalog the Cajon del Maipo with the recognition of UNESCO as‘ World Geopark ’, giving it the quality of Heritage. This document was coordinated by Camilo Vergara, a young ‘cajonino’ (from Cajón del Maipo) geologist who has promoted this project and who has shown that perseverance and initiative are key to concrete the registration and conservation of the heritage of the Cajon del Maipo.

At the launch, Camilo Vergara told us about the meaning and importance of a Geopark, the value of our heritage and the main results of the reassessment of Geosites in the Cajón del Maipo. They also spoke Francisca Cortés Solari, Executive President of Philanthropy Cortés Solari and Caserta Foundation, institutions that have supported this project, and the mayor (alcalde) of the San José de Maipo Commune, Luis Pezoa, who decreed last year to the Cajón del Maipo as the geological capital of Chile.

We value the initiative of geological diffusion for the general public that represents this document, as well as the initiative of the ‘GeoParque Cajón del Maipo Project ’. We appreciate the invitation to launch, as well as the participation of GeoExpedition in the Collaboration of this book.

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