New insights into magmatic reservoir processes on Melimoyu Volcano, Chilean Patagonia

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We contribute in a new paper about Melimoyu Volcano, a spectacular volcano in Chilean Patagonia. Almost unknown, Melimoyu Volcano is a giant stratovolcano from almost the sea level up to 7900 ft (2408 m) a.s.l., with a volume of about ~142 km3! This giant volcano is constituted by basalt, andesite and dacite lava flows. Without historical volcanic activity of Meliloyu Volcano, we study two tephra layer deposits (ash fall) to understand the magmatic processes that originated such volcanic products. We used rock and mineral chemistry to evaluate pre-to syn-eruptive magmatic conditions and triggering processes. By using a combined major and trace element modelling, we conclude that obtained compositions can be modelled by magma mixing followed by fractional crystallization.

Tephra layers of Melimoyu Volcano.

This paper isentitled ‘A widespread compositionally bimodal tephra sourced from VolcánMelimoyu (44°S, Northern Patagonian Andes): Insights into magmatic reservoirprocesses and opportunities for regional correlation’ and had been published in ‘Quaternary Science Reviews’. Authors are from Chile, UK and Australia.

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