Special Interest Turism (SIT): Andean Geology

We are a group of geologists interested in science, outreach and tourism in The Andes.
Are you interested in Geology during your visit to Chile?
Why are there volcanoes, earthquakes, hot springs and ore deposits in Chile?
Our purpose is to provide geological information by including guides and short trips to Cajón del Maipo

 ‘Since I live in Cajón del Maipo, I experience the wonders of the geological processes day by day. We have made this travel for you to have such an experience during your visit, enjoy and take care of this beautiful valley.’

Francisco Gutiérrez, Geologist

We are experienced geologists in the Andes.
Francisco Gutiérrez, BSc MSc PhD

Francisco Gutiérrez, BSc MSc PhD


Francisco is a geologist with extensive experience in research in Igneous Petrology and Volcanology.

Valentina Hanna, BSc MSc

Valentina Hanna, BSc MSc


Valentina is a geologist specializes in research on mineral detection by using hyperspectral images with machine learning.

Ítalo Payacán, BSc MSc PhDc

Ítalo Payacán, BSc MSc PhDc


Ítalo is a geologist with a petrology and Andean tectonic background, by combining geochemical and structural data on plutons.

Cristóbal Bayer, Field Assistant

Cristóbal Bayer, Field Assistant

Photographer-Film Director & Vertical Worker

Cristóbal studied film and photography, making scientific documentaries with cameras and piloting drones. Crsitobal is an expert in vertical work, combining climbing with oriented drilling, supporting security and logistics during Field Trips.

Pablo Castillo, Guide

Pablo Castillo, Guide

Mountain and Climber Guide

Pablo is a professional climber and climber, with experience in Patagonia, Peru and Bolivia.

I found myself in Santiago for a few days after heading back from a work trip in Brazil. I didn't think I'd get that much out of the trip aside from getting to see the sights of the city. On a whim, I contacted Geoexpedition to see if I could get some rock climbing in. They were able to accomodate me with less than 24 hours in advance! And it was a personalized tour, it was just me which was awesome! Additionally, I came to Chile woefully underprepared to rock climb, let alone in cooler weather after coming from 90-100 degree Fahrenheit weather in southeast Brazil. Geoexpedition was able to help with that, along with providing me with a harness, shoes, and chalk which I had left in the United States. As far as the climbing aspect, they will be able to accommodate you whether you are a novice, a gym rat such as myself, or a seasoned veteran outdoor climber. They are very friendly and encouraging and will try to gently push you to test your abilities, while making sure you are as safe as the sport will allow. There are multiple climbing areas near Cajon del Maipo so you also have a choice of where you can climb. Top notch. The geology aspect was also amazing. I have a little geotechnical background but am not much of a geologist, but Francisco was able to explain a lot about Santiago's natural history in a way that I could understand, while also pointing out natural features of the region such as the anticlines and synclines that make up the region. All of this was on our way to observe the nearby volcano. The guides, Francisco and Pablo, are very experienced in climbing and mountaineering, and Francisco is a professional geologist. They are super fun to talk to and very easygoing. It's incredibly fun to finish climbing a pitch and enjoy some Mate with them. To sum it up and to stop rambling, I would 10/10 recommend booking this tour. Incredibly personalized and incredibly fun.
Richard Benda

Richard Benda

Excellent climbing and amazing scenery

This is a great personalized tour, you will be able to do amazing climbing no matter what your ability, and get to see amazing geologic formations and a volcano while learning about the natural history of Santiago.


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