Special Interest Turism (SIT): Andean Geology

We are a group of geologists interested in science, outreach and tourism in The Andes.
Are you interested in Geology during your visit to Chile?
Why are there volcanoes, earthquakes, hot springs and ore deposits in Chile?
Our purpose is to provide geological information by including guides and short trips to Cajón del Maipo

 ‘Since I live in Cajón del Maipo, I experience the wonders of the geological processes day by day. We have made this travel for you to have such an experience during your visit, enjoy and take care of this beautiful valley.’

Francisco Gutiérrez, Geologist

We are experienced geologists in the Andes.

Francisco Gutiérrez, BSc MSc PhD


Francisco is a geologist with extensive experience in research in Igneous Petrology and Volcanology.